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Create an old map
of your location

Oct 1, 2008 by     67 Comments    Posted under: archives

Put your city on the map in 4 layers. Create an artistic old map of your area. Here’s what you should be achieving:

psd map tutorial step5

Step 1: Getting the actual map

Go to maps.yahoo.com, find your area and zoom in to a desired level—I went in somewhere between City and Street view in some area in Bucharest, Romania but you can also do a Country view. If your part of the world isn’t covered by yahoo maps, try google mapsor get a regular image of a map from the area you need.

Update: Simon suggests in a comment below that to avoid any legal implications in using a screen capture from Google or Yahoo Maps in your artwork, you should rather go with an open map provider as openstreetmap.org.

Hit the PrintScreen key, go in Photoshop and paste it in a new document and then Crop (C key) the image keeping only the desired part. Use the Patch Tool or the Healing Brush Tool to remove the center cross.

psd map tutorial

Step 2: Applying the old paper texture to give it a vintage look

For the second step you need an old grunge paper texture. I used this free image from cgtextures. (more…)